Going after your dream is your biggest investment.


When someone dreams and then works to make their dream a reality, life becomes more fascinating. The children’s book Everyone Can Dream: Always Dare to Dream exhorts kids to not be afraid of dreaming and that there will be people who will support them in their aspirations. Although a child’s dreams could, at times, appear “absurd” and “quite impossible,” it’s crucial to foster the idea that no matter how fantastical their dreams may be, if there are people who believe in them, they will be able to make these come true. Their dreams could get more “practical” as they get older. Additionally, as kids get older and are forced to face life’s reality, dreaming might occasionally become rare.

Everyone Can Dream: Always Dare to Dream serves as a reminder to kids and people who are still young at heart that dreams are good at any age and that pursuing them makes life worthwhile.
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About the Author and Illustrator

Dr. Chantele Mitchell-Miland is a dreamer at heart and thinks that following one’s dreams is always the right thing to do. She is an author, researcher, and epidemiologist. Despite the fact that she has accomplished a lot in her life, she still thinks that there are still worthwhile goals to pursue. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she works to provide assistance and inspiration to individuals who dare to dream. Dr. Mitchell-Miland also writes a blog titled “Always Dare to Dream.”

The illustrator is Ramon Miland. He is the youngest son of Dr. Mitchell-Miland. He is a video game designer, musician, martial artist, and artist. Ramon wants to create interdisciplinary video games that provide interesting pedagogical techniques to improve learning because his mother taught him to dream without stopping. Currently a senior in high school, he appreciates challenges and learning new things every day.



Everyone Can Dream: Always Dare to Dream by Dr. Chantele Mitchell-Miland

Paperback: 9798888105030; $18.99
Ebook: 9798888105047; $3.99
Publication Date: January 31, 2023; Pages: 52